Sunday 3/4
earl grey martini
roasted beet salad with orange salsa and shaved red onion
fresh fettucini with wilted chard, currents, pine nuts and preserved lemon
miniature almond cakes

Monday 3/5
dirty martini
arugula salad with pecorino and pine nuts
grilled sea bass with ginger mashed potatoes and apple kimchi slaw

Wednesday 3/6
beluga lentil soup provençal
le chevrot
fig cake

Thursday 3/7
bek se ju martini
shrimp and soba in ginger broth
lemon cookies

Saturday 3/7
cornell cocktail
parmigiano crisps with red onion marmelade
scallop mofongo with cilantro pesto and pea shoots
bruschetta with roasted cherry tomatoes
rice paper shrimp rolls
polenta gnocchi with gorgonzola cream
assorted farmstead cheeses with quince paste and fig cake
chocolate pudding with ginger, orange scented whipped cream

Sunday 3/11
dark rum lemonade
cucumber noodles with serrano, lemon and mint
grilled polenta with pesto cilantro and red onion marmelade
baked shrimp with feta and tomatoes
miniature almond cakes with meyer lemon scented whipped cream

Monday 3/12
tomato and herb salad with gorgonzola and fig balsamic vinagrette
black risotto with calamari and tangerine
vietnamese coffee


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