Strawberry Lemonade

July 23, 2006

Remember when you used to sit on the porch hiding from the sun on those sweltry afternoons with the most beautiful girl in the world? It felt like it could go on forever. The summer would never end. Just when you were about to kiss her, she dashed off, her words trailing behind on the hot breeze, “My mom said be home at 5.”

This time David, find a Southern girl who is of legal age (at least in the state of South Carolina) and doesn’t live with her mom. This concoction goes down like candy and it will turn those afternoons into evenings into mornings.

Infuse the Rum

Slice a pint of wild strawberries and pop them into an airtight vessel. The wilder the strawberries, the wilder she’ll be for your company. Fill the vessel with the finest amber rum and let it sit in the shade for at least 2 days but preferably 2 months. It takes awhile for the rum to coax the flavor from the tender morsels.

Whip up the Simple Syrup

Use a 1 to 1 ratio of well water to raw sugar. You’re a rugged guy David and this will come through in the flavors. Heat in a sauce pan until dissolved and store in a cool place or in the fridge until you’re ready to do the deed.


Shake the Lemonade

For each glass, squeeze one lemon, add a tablespoon of simple syrup, a quarter cup of ice cold well water and 2 jiggers of the infused rum. After the first glass, add three. Shake what your momma gave ya and pour it over cracked ice in tall glasses. Garnish with a sprig of mint and a wheel of lemon. Put your feet up and enjoy!


One Response to “Strawberry Lemonade”

  1. […] Serve this delightful dish with a dandelion salad plucked from your meadows and pair it with a Chardonnay aged in stainless, or a dry prosecco. Finish the meal with a strawberry lemonade. […]

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